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Duck Boat

Length:15 Feet
Width:38 Inches
Depth:14.5 Inches
Weight:59 Pounds (Fiberglass)      45 Pounds (KEVLAR®)
Cockpit Opening:24 Inches by 84 Inches
Capacity:600 Pounds
Color:Marsh Grass - Dull Finish
Positive Flotation:Front and Rear
Carrying Handles:Front and Rear
Draft:4 Inches Fully Loaded
Price:$1195 (Fiberglass)      $1995 (KEVLAR®)

The boat is made from layers of handlaid fiberglass or Kevlar®. Support along the sides as well as both ends of the boat make it very durable. The duck boat is light enough to be easily car topped.

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This is a double pointed duck boat with a very low silhouette that also can serve as a layout boat for a solo hunter. It handles well with one person carrying gear and a dog. Although it can accommodate two persons, it performs best when soloed. Suggested uses include placement of decoys, layout shooting, jump shooting, sitting or kneel shooting, a floating blind or platform, retrieval of game and transportation to and from your favorite spot. In the off season it can also be used for recreation paddling and fishing.

A unique feature of the duck boat is the rollback cockpit combing above the deck which sheds water in rougher conditions making it very seaworthy. Due to it's wide width and relatively flat floor construction the boat is very stable. Another feature is a one inch molded keel running the length of the hull which provides better tracking. Ease of paddling is due to the hull design which allows the boat to glide effortlessly through the water. It can be propelled with either a single or double bladed paddle or punt pole.

The Hoefgen Duck Boat has been on the market since 1973, with hundreds of very satisfied customers. It is built on the shores of Lake Michigan by boat builders who have been practicing their craft for many years. The builders believe they have a responsibility to build the strongest, safest and most navigable duck boat they possibly can. They insist on the very best.
Every Hoefgen Duck Boat is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, and they stand behind them. If anything goes wrong, because of defective workmanship or materials, it will be repaired free of charge (all transportation costs to be paid by the owner). Other repairs and replacement parts are available at nominal cost.
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